Do you want to have a successful online business? If so, you may want to copy some elements found in very successful shops. Read on to find out some essential features that should be present on your own ecommerce website development.

Ease of Use

Simple website design with pleasing aesthetics and a good navigation mechanism should be a must. Make sure that you do not put too flashy animations so as to not distract your customers from what truly matters- your products.

Mobile Access

Google has already declared that mobile users have taken over the internet, which is why it has now become a need for you to make your website mobile-friendly.
The company even has its own tool to help you see if your webpage is mobile-friendly or not.

High-Resolution Videos and Photos

Shoppers want to know what you’re selling so be sure to include that on your webpage as well. Add high-quality images of your products- making sure that you got all of the angles. Or better yet, you can post a video highlighting the product itself.

User Reviews

People want to know if a certain product is worth buying and what better way to convince them than to rely on customers who have previously purchased the product.
Enable the option to allow users to see customer reviews so that they will be convinced to purchase it as well.

Give Special Offers

People are motivated to spend their money if they know that they’re going to get a lot of free stuff. Provide special offers or discounts.

Wish lists

Consider this as a Bookmarking mechanism that allows people to go back to the products they want to purchase before.

Suggest Related Items

Whenever a person buys from you, do some upsell by giving them suggestions on related products that they might want to buy as well.


People want to know exactly what a product entails. I, for one, would like to know every detail there is to know about a certain something before I buy them.
If you find that your customers ask the same questions, then putting up a frequently asked sections can help address that in a more efficient manner.

Secure Platform

You want to give people the confidence that every penny they spend on your website is secured as possible. Make use of the SSL encryption protocol and get a more reliable hosting service to ensure that your customers’ accounts are safe.

Detailed Shipping Information

When a person provides shipping details, you also want to let them know where their package is. Giving them detailed shipping information (and in real-time) will allow them to anticipate when the package will be delivered.

Hassle-free Return Policy

There will be times where people do not like the product that they have ordered. Implement a hassle-free return policy and I promise you that more and more people will buy from you in the future.