09 Oct

How to Plan a Big Wedding With a Small Budget

Planning a big wedding on a small budget is a challenge even for seasoned wedding planners. One of the first things you need to do here is to hire a wedding planner who can make everything easier for you. She will help you make the most out of your resources, and make your wedding vision come true.

Set your priorities.

It’s crucial for engaged couples to decide which wedding elements are less important, and most meaningful. If you want to give more importance to beverages and food, then go ahead. You can allocate most of your budget in this area, so be prepared to make drastic cuts elsewhere.

Consider used items.

There are a lot of wedding accessories you can buy secondhand. You can even get a beautiful wedding dress at an affordable price. Forget about those expensive wedding veils in Malaysia. There are tons of cheaper alternatives on specialty consignment stores.

Skip all the extras.

Special touches such as guest favors, save-the-date notices, monogrammed cocktail napkins and bathroom baskets can make your wedding event unique, but can be considered unnecessary.

Consider paper flowers.

Settle for unconventional decorative touches, like berries and branches. If you are determined to add flowers as decoration, consider paper flowers instead of fresh ones. All of these alternatives are just as striking and elegant.